Project Based Learning in Just 1 Click


While theory and traditional classroom learning are cornerstones, they do not always apply to real life situations. By offering your students problem-based or project-based learning units, you are acting as the bridge between traditional teaching and modern learning. These inspirational teaching units will help you guide students to question, evaluate then apply their knowledge in real life situations. Instead of learning about science, students will become scientists. Instead of learning about publishing, students will become publishers and more! This is the connection of authentic learning and life skills linked.

If you are reading the information on this site, you are obviously a teacher who cares about inspiring students. Perhaps you want to take learning to the next level, both in the classroom and outside, in the real world.

By offering complete project based learning units, you will promote skills that trigger creativity, thought and communication. Help your students build communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills with a ready-made PBL unit in just one click. [read more...]